Identifying trends based on what is currently performing well, rather than on what should be working, or what has worked in the past is only one aspect of our process. Our technology also offers tools that help manage risk, adapt to trend reversals in the market, and help the advisor navigate bear markets.


Research tools are built into our software to help advisors make informed decisions quicker, more efficiently, and with more confidence.


An active advisor works to manage the risks for their clients. Our tools allow positions to adapt to changing market conditions. Whether that is minimizing losses in a losing position, or building portfolios with limited sector exposure; our software provides the advisor with timely, highly quantified information to aid the advisor in the portfolio management process.


No two advisors are the same, so we listen to the needs of each of our licensees and work with them so that our software may prove most beneficial to thier unique goals or expectations.

Custom Tools for Unique Goals

EdgeTech Analytics (ETA) is a software publishing company specializing in portfolio management tools for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's). Our software offers a quantified process exclusively to the professional advisor community. ETA's software offers specialized portfolio development tools to aid the RIA in designing portfolios that are unique and specific to their business. Portfolios may range from growth, moderate growth and conservative to bond only models. In addition to portfolio construction, ETA's software offers several analytical tools to the advisor; for example, the ability to graph on one screen the price history of various benchmarks, indices, mutual funds and ETFs as well as a model's performance, or an entire portfolios performance over the same timeframe. This offers an apples to apples comparison for the advisor's review. ETA developed a proprietary process by which the disruption in a price trend caused by dividend and capital gains distributions from mutual funds and ETF's are filtered out / adjusted allowing for a more accurate analysis of price trends.


EdgeTech Analytics software is developed exclusively in-house by EdgeTech employees rather than outsourcing to software development contractors. This allows EdgeTech to maintain high quality control standards while keeping our proprietary technology inside the company. Since EdgeTech has an internal programming staff working in conjuction with the product development team, they are able to reduce the time between the conception of a new idea and it's availabily to the advisors.


We work with a select group of advisors training them extensively on the use of our software. In order to help advisors make productive decisions for their clients, we offer several analytical tools along with the highly quantified output generated by the advisors unique portfolios. The combination of these tools allows advisors to determine the most appropriate composition for their client's portfolios.


EdgeTech's staff trains extensively on the software and its wide-ranging functionality. Advisors can call anytime and speak to a member of our training staff for immediate answers to their questions as well as continued training on available options in the software. Individually scheduled training sessions are available to all software licensees as well as a two-day training session that are offered every year. The training sessions are offered on three separate dates in an effort to accommodate the advisor's schedule.


Our proprietary software is delivered on custom built laptops and maintained by our own in-house developers.


Our selection process for working with the new advisor is based on their passion for their clients and the performance of their portfolios. We find that advisors who are not only focused on the management of the client's portfolios in rising markets but are equally interested in risk mitigation are good candidates for the EdgeTech process.