Offering Technology based portfolio management solutions to registered investment advisors

Graph Picture Active management is a strategy involving a buy-and-sell method versus buy-and-hold. An active approach may accommodate a more defensive portfolio composition in declining markets; while maintaining the opportunity for greater portfolio exposure in rising markets.

The development of this investment process combined years of experience with technology. In this ever changing world of information, the price that is arrived at through the daily balance of buyers and sellers in the market place is what matters. The solution provided Edgetech analyzes the price behavior of various competing investment options. After careful analysis, the proprietary software generates a trade recommendation for the investment advisor's review and if deemed appropriate, the trades would be executed by the advisor.

Who We Are

Our mission is to harness computing power in this digital age to generate measurable results within an active management philosophy.



With our software, we work to create solutions that meet the advisor's specific goals based on equations without the emotional response to the market's movement.


Our Process

Our modeling tools are designed to aid advisors by identifying changes in the market based on current market behavior.



The training with Edgetech's proprietary tools is an ongoing process, equipping the advisor with the understanding to get the most from our technology.