Where the Edge of Technology Meets Investment Management

Graph Picture Active management is a strategy involving a buy-and-sell method versus buy-and-hold. Why let a fund fester and potentially fail? Buying and selling allows for being defensive in down markets, as well as increasing opportunity in better markets.

We improve on this investment method by merging years of experience with technology. Informed investment decisions are made using in-house designed software. In this ever changing world of information, it is important to filter out useless or emotional data.

We bring together "High Tech" and "High Touch" principles into investment strategy.

Who We Are

Our passion is about harnessing today's computing power in this digital age to generate measurable results within an active management philosophy.



With our software, we create solutions that meet your customized goals. These solutions are based on equations without the "noise" of volatile or emotional data.


Our Process

Our modeling tools bring responsiveness to changes in the market based on what is working, not what might be working or had worked long ago.


Our Advisors

Service for us goes beyond the technology and techniques. We involve training and tools as well to aid our advisors to meet a client's unique needs and expectations.